GREENSBORO -- Nearly 5,000 registered voters in Guilford County will need to cast their ballots at a new polling place this November.

The Guilford County Board of Elections said it's moved two precinct voting locations in FR2 and G44.

“It's something we had to do,” BOE director, Charlie Collicutt said.

Collicutt said Life Community Church in FR2 cut ties with the board.

"They asked that we find another place that they didn't wish to be a polling place anymore and we're moving not very far away, about a mile away to the Jamestown Presbyterian Church down in that area."

Life Community Church told Time Warner Cable News there was a scheduling conflict.

The Board of Elections decided to leave the G44 location at Guilford County School's administration offices on W. Washington Street.       

"It just wasn't a great location, it was a little small, it wasn't great for handicap accessibility."          

Voters will instead cast ballots this election about a mile away at Greensboro College's Reynolds Center

"We could've made it work but we found a great alternative at Greensboro College,” Collicutt said. “We were at this Greensboro College,  Reynolds Center up until 2013 when we had to move and so now we're going back there."

While change may cause confusion, Collicutt said its not unusual to switch locations.

"We try to not do these at all leading into presidential elections but it does happen. On a two year cycle, we probably change anywhere between two to eight polling places a year."

The Board of Elections said it sent notifications by mail about the switch to registered voters. It will also place a notification in the newspaper 45 days prior to election day.