WINSTON-SALEM -- Research from Wake Forest University helped inspire a unique commercial just before Super Bowl 50.

Pantene released a series of digital spots this week that involves New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin Watson, Pittsburgh Steelers’ DeAngelo Williams and Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Witten styling their little girls hair.

The hair care brand showcases the importance of father-daughter relationships with a message that it builds strong women. Pantene used Dr. Linda Nielsen’s research for the ads.

“Strong daughters don't just happen,” she said. “Strong daughters come about as a result as having excellent fathering from the time they're infants on forward to the rest of their lives."

Nielsen has written various articles and books on the topic.        

"There are areas of a daughters life that are far more profoundly effected by her relationship with her father than her relationship with her mother."

She said girls need more time with their father's, even if it's just playing with their hair.          

"In fact it's irrelevant whether of not if you can make a ponytail or a pigtail, what's relevant is that you're there with your daughter,” Nielsen said.

Nielson said Pantene sent an email a few days ago asking to cite her research. She adds the director told her the players mostly ad libbed while filming with their daughters.

To watch Pantene’s commercial and the player’s individual videos click here