GREENSBORO -- The Taylor Swift show at Greensboro Coliseum on Wednesday night will include some local flavor on stage.

A Gate City guitar maker is helping create some of the joyful noise that'll be heard during the show.

"We make basses from Amos Heller, her bass player,” said Keith Roscoe, owner of Roscoe Guitars. “You know it's always a big event when Taylor comes to town.”

It's the second guitar Roscoe has made for Swift's band.

"We went to see Amos in Raleigh three or four months ago,” Roscoe said. “We got to see her play, and Amos play our bass. It was a lot of fun."

For production manager Drew Averett, seeing his work on Swift's stage is exciting.

"It's pretty awesome, being that I've been in music my whole life,” Averett said. “Getting to be around music and meeting famous musicians is pretty much a dream job."

Swift isn't the only famous musician Roscoe has made guitars for. Bruno Mars, Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan's bands have all played the bass guitar made in his Greensboro studio.

"Once you start working with these different players, they'll recommend to their buddies, and that's how we hooked up with Amos,” Roscoe said. “That helps to sell the instruments by having prominent players."

Swift's show is sold out Wednesday night at the Greensboro Coliseum.