KERNERSVILLE - There are new details about the ongoing investigation into Monday's plane crash that left three people dead. The mayor's office in Sunbury, Pennsylvania  is reporting that the victims were prominent lawyer Michael Apfelbaum; his wife, Christy; and her father, Clarence Imgrund. 

According to reports, Apfelbaum was flying in a Beechcraft A36 Bonanza plane, he was only about six miles south of PTI when he made a call to the control tower.

Apfelbaum: "Is there a nearby field for 3-6 Hotel Tango."

The air traffic controller responded, "3-6 Hotel Tango, the nearest airport is Greensboro airport is at your, off your left wing off of your current heading in seven miles. Right now showing one thousand overcast for the ceiling. 3-6 Hotel Tango what is your current altitude reading now?"

After a moment of silence, there’s a scream from Apfelbaum.

An NTSB spokesman said the plane was traveling from Sarasota, Florida to Greensboro.  Around noon on Monday it crashed into the Vulcan Quarry in Kernersville.

Air traffic control: "Last observed at that point and we lost radar and communication with him at that point and went off the grid."

Reports said Apfelbaum was piloting the plane, his wife, and his father-in-law were the passengers. Upon impact the plane caught on fire, and all three passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

The quarry did re-open Tuesday.

Vulcan spokesman, Tom Carroll, said the plane crashed on the southern edge of the quarry into an open field area, so it didn't affect operations. The NTSB is still investigating the crash.