GREENSBORO -- Seven downtown restaurants will soon feature five days of special menus for a special cause.

Downtown Restaurant Week is scheduled for August 24th through August 28th, and 25 percent of what customers pay for eligible entrees at each participating restaurant will benefit the Downtown Greenway project.

"I'm really excited about it. Any time a bunch of restaurants, a bunch of fantastic downtown restaurants, can get together for the greater good then I'm all about it,” said Wes Wheeler, co-owner at Undercurrent Restaurant, one of the participating establishments.

Wheeler said the restaurant will feature a three-course tasting menu to include farm-fresh items and several green vegetables to keep with the Greenway theme.

The $30 million Downtown Greenway project has been in the works for about fifteen years. It is an effort to bring more connectivity to the Gate City, display local artistry, and promote health and exercise.

“We really see this as not only connecting people, 12 different neighborhoods, 50,000 college students, but also economic development,” said Cecelia Thompson, executive director of Action Greensboro.

“All the progress we've made on the Downtown Greenway, we're seeing really significant private development happening around those areas.”

Each of the items on the Restaurant Week menus will cost $20.18, which is a nod to the Greenway’s targeted completion date of 2018. 

"It's kind of just a fun thing to do. And hopefully after this year,  we can continue the Downtown Restaurant Week with a different cause every year,” Wheeler said.

For more information on Restaurant Week and participating establishments, click here