KING, N.C. -- Family and friends remember Coleton and Charlie Tarpley four months after their deaths. On February 4, authorities found the two boys and their parents dead inside their home, the victims of what investigators call an apparent murder-suicide by the father.

The King community came together Thursday to remember the bubbly little boys.

"Each morning when I was out at the car rider line, I would watch them get out of the truck and come in through the crosswalk coming into school, and they were just so full of joy and happiness. They were so excited about being at school," said Principal Shannon Boles.

When the school learned of the boys' deaths, students and staff wanted to do something to keep their memories alive. 

"We wanted to take up money to buy the trees and bushes to place around the school, and we have trees and bushes on the playground because they both loved to go to the playground," said Boles. 

Faculty and staff felt that "butterfly bushes" would be the most appropriate to represent the boys' spirt.

"Butterflies kind of represent freedom and the cycle that the butterfly goes through from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly, and those boys really represent happiness," said Boles. 

The new addition to the school was really a community effort 

"We have had students that have given money. We've got staff members, family members, and also we have partnered with Home Depot, and they have helped us to fund the bushes and the trees," said Boles. 

The boys' memory will also live on inside of the school. After Thursday's ceremony, a piece of artwork, which was done by Coleton, and a piece of artwork, which represents Charlie's love for guitars, is going to hang inside one of the hallways in the school. 

The boys' grandmother and uncle on their mother's side didn't want to go on camera during this emotional time, but they did say it's beautiful tribute to the boys. The father's side of the family gave a statement saying how appreciative they are of what the school is doing in the boys' memory. 

"As you walk through life and you notice the butterflies fluttering in and around you, take a minute to say hello to Coleton and Charlie for they will always be part of our everyday activities," said Boles. 

Boles says the school is going to order a bench for the playground with a memorial marker for students, staff and family to sit among the butterfly bushes and trees.