In a close vote, the Maine Senate on Wednesday advanced a ban on flavored tobacco products, sending the bill down to the House for a potential vote today.

The 18-16 voted mostly followed party lines with Democrats voting in support of the ban and Republicans voting against it. But a few Democrats crossed party lines to vote in opposition to the ban.

LD 1215 would prohibit the sale and distribution of flavored tobacco products, including flavored cigars, e-cigarettes and vape pens.

The ban seeks to make statewide prohibitions that are already in place in Portland, South Portland, Bangor, Brunswick and Bar Harbor. A similar statewide effort failed last year when lawmakers adjourned without taking up the bill.

Bill sponsor, Sen. Jill Duson (D-Portland), said family members have suffered for years from using menthol cigarettes and that lawmakers should work to protect the next generation from becoming “replacement smokers.”

“If you have not become addicted to nicotine by age 26, it’s unlikely you ever will do so,” she said during Senate debate.

She said flavored tobacco products that come in “menthol, mint, candy, fruit and dessert flavors” are meant to get kids hooked.

In April, convenience stores called the measure unnecessary and said it will not only hurt their profits, but the revenues that come to the state through flavored tobacco sales.

While arguing against the measure Wednesday night, Sen. Marianne Moore (R-Calais) said the state stands to lose an estimated $24 million a year in tax revenue.

She also said those with concerns about teen tobacco use should push for existing law — which requires someone to be 21 to purchase the products — to be enforced.

“The bill before you is now prohibiting flavored products from consenting adults,” she said. “Who are we to tell an adult what they can and can’t do when it comes to their smoking, chewing, vaping preference?”