Mainers who need health insurance coverage have until midnight Thursday to sign up through a state website that can provide discounted premiums and ensure they won’t have a gap in coverage.

Gov. Janet Mills promoted Wednesday, saying that health insurance saves lives and protects people from devastating financial burdens.

“Nobody wants to have a health event and not be covered by health insurance,” Mills told reporters in Augusta. Because of the federal Inflation Reduction Act, enhanced financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

The coverage proved vital for Pamela Gray, 59, of Gorham, a cancer patient who signed up for the program in May and now has insurance she can afford.

“I’m ecstatic,” Gray said. “It’s Maine-based, that’s what I like. You are not talking to somebody wherever. It’s affordable.” is the state-based health insurance marketplace now in its second year. Last year, 66,000 Mainers found health insurance through the program.

“ is the only official source where you can find qualified health plans whose premiums may be reduced based on your income,” Jeanne Lambrew, Department of Health and Human Services commissioner, said.

Mills said those who are self-employed or who work seasonally may not think they are not qualified, but that it’s worth checking out the options available, particularly in light of enhanced federal subsidies.

“It can save you a lot of money come Jan. 1 and most importantly, make sure you and your family have health care so if and when something does happen, it happens to all of us, you’ve got to be prepared,” Mills said.

To apply, go to or call (866) 636-0355 or the Consumers for Affordable Health Care line at 1-800-965-7476.