South Portland will offer a rebate program aimed at assisting low- and moderate-income residents with adopting more efficient, cleaner electric technologies for their homes, transportation and lawn care equipment.

The program, Electrify Everything!, launches Sept. 1 and offers rebates on electric vehicles, electric lawn care equipment, e-bikes, heating and cooling systems and home weatherization.

Residents can get up to $2,000 per household. Those who qualify must have a household income of no more than 100% of the Area Median Income. For example, a family of four would have to make $111,700 or less to qualify.

“With heating fuel and gasoline prices at record highs, the technologies we are supporting will help people save money, feel comfortable in their homes, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Julie Rosenbach, South Portland’s sustainability director.

South Portland is looking to become carbon neutral by 2050.

In South Portland, 19% of its greenhouse gas emissions come from residential buildings, and 32% come from transportation, according to a statement from the city.

Electrify Everything! offers the following rebates:

●       $100 off electric lawn mowers and electric leaf blowers;

●       $2,000 off a new battery electric vehicle or new plug-in electric hybrid vehicle;

●       $1,200 off a Tier 2 air source heat pump;

●       $400 off a hot water heat pump;

●       $100 off air sealing with an energy assessment;

●       20% off insulation up to $2,000;

●       $300 off an e-bike;

●       $500 off an e-cargo bike.

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