Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple wants to set the record straight.

"There is no solitary confinement at Albany County Jail,” he said Tuesday, striking at the basis of a federal lawsuit filed just days ago, alleging the jail, its officers, and the sheriff are all complicit in abusing inmates.

The allegations in the suit state inmates are brought to Albany County Jail from Rikers Island in New York City, for the explicit, and allegedly illegal, purpose of getting around a 2015 city ban on solitary confinement, for inmates under the age of 22.

New York City itself, and its Department of Corrections, are also listed as defendants in the lawsuit.

On Monday, a representative of City Mayor Bill de Blasio's provided a statement, saying, "For an extremely small number of young detainees facing credible safety threats in our jails, the safest option is a transfer to another facility. This mayor ended solitary confinement for young adults and for the sake of the thousands of them in solitary confinement from the rest of the state he believes those jails and prisons should, too.”

It's still unclear what the New York City system's understanding is about confinement practices at the Albany County Jail.

A request for information has been made to the Department of Corrections, but was referred to City Hall for comment.