SANDUSKY, Ohio — A sixth grader from Sandusky is using his 3D printing skills to help the less fortunate this holiday season. 

What You Need To Know

  • 3D printing is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design

  • 3D printers can be purchased for less than $200 

  • 3D printing can produce complex shapes that would be impossible to make by hand

Ishan Chopra, 12, is an entrepreneur who likes to give back. 

"I don't like to see people go hungry or not have shelter, said Ishan.

At an early age, Ishan learned the value of giving back to his community. 

"My sister has been volunteering at a nursing home since she was 11. My mom and dad are always giving back and teaching my sister and me how too," said Ishan. 

Ishan uses his 3D printer to create products like tiny dinosaurs and other gadgets, then sells them on his Etsy shop called Choprints.

The young philanthropist partnered with Victory Kitchen in Sandusky to share his profits.

"This young man is amazing," said Rev. Luke Walters, the pastor at Victory Temple. 

Half of the money Ishan has earned so far has been donated to Victory Kitchen, which serves a free hot meal to those in need.

"It's amazing to come across such a young man with such a great heart and a big heart and he's gonna go a long way in life, that's for sure," said Walters. 

Ishan's parents are proud of their son, his creativity and his desire to give back. 

"It is incredible. It's a great feeling to know that not only is he wanting to do it for himself, but he's also willing to help others," said Atul Chopra, Ishan's father.  

The sixth grader is waiting on another 3D printer to make more items to sell. 

"It was the first place we could find that's locally around, and I like what they were doing giving back to the community," said Ishan. 

Ishan also wants to branch out to help other charities in his community. ​