BOONE, N.C. — Eric Schmibinger has been working at Sugar Mountain Resort for more than two decades. What started as a love for skiing turned into a love for the resort. Now, he is keeping an eye on those snow guns.


What You Need To Know

The snow guns are on at Sugar Mountain Resort

Sugar Mountain still requiring masks indoors but getting rid of ghost lines

The resort is hoping to open as soon as enough snow can be created


"I moved down here to help coach the race team," Schmibinger said.

Temperatures on Friday hit the 20s. The pretty weather flipped on snow makers. Dozens of guns roared to life, sending snow flying. 

"I would say we probably have 40, 50, maybe 60 guns running," Schmibinger said. "These big ones up here, they have their own air compressor, and they are fully automated, and they add and take away water as the temperature goes up and down."

As long as temperatures are low, the guns will keep going. Owner Gunther Jochl says that is what they plan to do.

"We are hoping to open as soon as we can," Jochl said. 

Jochl said 2020 wasn't bad, but he is expecting everything to return to normal this year. As for restrictions, masks will be required indoors, but ghost lines are a thing of the past. Jochl has lifted all other restrictions at the resort.