More than 60 years after her debut, Barbie is on to her next adventure of self-care and meditation. Mattel says it wants to encourage every kid to work on their best self.  

Parents In Central New York agree that mindfulness is important to children's development. That's why they enrolled their kids in a "Teeny Yogini" class.

They say this new doll and yoga class are two perfect examples of how to teach kids about wellness. 

"We want the kids to be able to focus on being present and being in the moment and being healthy," said Yogi and dad, Dan Sherman.

"They're told to be quiet a lot or they're told to stay still a lot and not necessarily in a positive way, so this is a way to bring it all together," said Yogi and mom Molly Knaup.

Yoga For Kids CNY instructor Julie Daniel says some parents think their kids aren't the right fit for yoga because they may be "too active."

"That would be an indication that maybe they should try it," said Daniel. 

Parents and instructors say while the kids don't always get the poses right, they hope they're learning an appreciation of their body and their self through stretching and meditation.

"Their body is calm and focused and their spirit is very accepting of self. They can just be themselves, they don't need to be more," said Daniel.