AUSTIN, Texas — There are no normal business hours when it comes to a crisis.

That's why Integral Care's helpline operates under a 24/7 format, providing round-the-clock support for anyone dealing with personal trauma.

"We really just listen to them, and we see what supports they're needing, and we provide that support to them," said Nicole Warren with Integral Care.

One Austin woman says Integral Care saved her life.

After Ca'Sonya Thomas's husband died unexpectedly, she decided to make a life-changing phone call.

"It left me feeling suicidal, and I don't have any friends or family here in Austin so I felt all alone, but I called the helpline, and they saw me through it," Thomas said. "They saw me through the roughest part of it."

Integral Care connected Thomas to a counselor, physical therapist, and nutritionist, and she's still working with them a year later.

"It was very surprising that they offered those services, but now, looking at it, for someone to be well, you need all that," said Thomas.

Thomas's experience isn't uncommon, especially in a rapidly-growing community like Travis County.

Integral Care recently made its support helpline available in multiple languages--15 to be exact.

Languages include: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Filipino, Russian, German, French, Urdu, Farsi, Japanese, Hindi, Gujarati, and Napali.

"More people were phoning in and they were wanting an interpreter, so we really responded to the needs of the community," said Warren.

And with the stigma surrounding mental health, Integral Care understands the challenge behind seeking help.

"The hardest step is just starting that phone call and picking up the phone, and once you pick up that phone you're gonna find someone who is so passionate and dedicated to what we do here," Warren said.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis situation, you can call 512-472-4357, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.