In Focus is a novel 30-minute public affairs program exclusively on Spectrum Networks. Each week, Spectrum News invites experts around the state to discuss a wide range of issues impacting people like you. 


With the 115th Congress at the halfway mark, congressional delegations members share what issues are affecting their districts.


Louisiana state lawmakers opened the 2018 legislative session in Baton Rouge with a focus on local issues in their districts.

New York lawmakers gaveled in the January 2018 legislative session on multiple issues, from the state's budget process to what their conference's priorities will be throughout the year. 


Minnesota lawmakers opened the first day of the new legislative session to focus on their local priorities and budget negotiations.

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Legislators and business leaders from around the state of Maine gathered at the 2018 Chamber of Commerce Leadership Summit to discuss topics ranging from education and workforce development to citizen’s initiated ballot questions.

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In Focus California is a series of half hour public affairs shows focused on the issues and communities in Southern California.