ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Several local members of the National Guard set off for Florida from the Rochester airport Monday morning on a mission to offer support to those in danger following Hurricane Irma.

Three Medevac helicopters with full crews are joining seven other National Guard helicopters from Albany that are headed south for humanitarian assistance.

"It's an honor to be selected to do so and know that there are people willing to go and put their life on hold to make sure that we can ease the suffering of other people. It's a very noble mission. I'm honored to serve with 12 people from this unit that are going down there to conduct this,” said Maj. Jeffrey Kneer, General Support Aviation Battalion.

Best case scenario, no one needs any help, we fly down there offer support, we fly back, no harm no foul, everyone's good to go. But obviously if people are in peril and need help, then we’re here to help," said Staff Sgt. Stephen Tschiderer, Co. C 1st Battalion 171st Medevac.

Crews will be down in Florida for as long as their assistance is needed.