ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- July was a busy month for the U of R Medical Center.  At one point surgeons there performed three heart transplants in just one week.

One of the those patients who received that life-saving surgery expressed their relief.

"I feel great, and my heart survived the Bills game!" said Tom Mancuso, Livonia.  

He's sharing some humor in light of a serious sitution. He's one of three men who had heart transplants just a couple weeks ago at the hospital.

UR Medicine typically performs only 14 heart transplants each year. 

"You don't have a choice of when it comes and obviously we're very appreciative a donor has come for one of our patients. When the time comes we just have to go, and even if we had two or three in the same day we'd try very hard to pull it off," said Dr. Leway Chen, Heart Transplant Medical Director.

Strong Memorial Hospital currently has 25 other people on the waiting list for a new heart.  Doctors wants to remind you New York has a severe shortage of registered organ donors..

Anyone can opt to be an organ donor through the DMV.