ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The jubilation of Election Day at Mount Hope Cemetery gave way Wednesday to the polar opposite mood.

Hours earlier, thousands flocked to Susan B. Anthony's final resting place to pay tribute to a Rochester resident instrumental in sparking the women's rights movement in the fledgling United States. Thousands of stickers, all symbols of gratitude toward the suffragette, were left upon her gravestone.

It's a recent Rochester tradition on any election day, but 2016 held additional meaning with Hillary Clinton's nomination to the top of the Democratic party ticket. Her loss to Republican Donald Trump left some who came Wednesday to her graveside at a loss.

Marilu Aguilar, a Rochester resident, did say the outcome served as an inspiration to carry on a battle started by Susan B.

“I’m here to thank her for that inspiration so that I can also remind my fellow women activists for women’s equality that this is what we need to keep doing," Aguilar said. "Go ahead and grieve today, but tomorrow we begin the struggle again for women’s quality and women’s rights.”

The National Susan B. Anthony House and Museum president also said it’s still heartening to to see people connecting with a historical figure who died more than a century ago.