ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- People with disabilities celebrated the 26th anniversary of the act that gave them equal rights.

The Center for Disability Rights held their annual ADA gala fundraiser at the Rochester Museum and Science Center on Thursday night.

Sponsored by Wegmans, the event included dinner, dancing, and a silent auction.

President of the group Not Dead Yet and gala honoree, Diane Coleman, says people with disabilities struggle to live an independent life.

"People who didn't want to be stuck in a nursing home against their will and they were forced into it because they couldn't get enough home care," Coleman said. "So there's really a nature tie between that issue and the thing that CDR works on the most, which is the right to home care. So nobody is forced into a nursing home simply because they have a disability and need help in everyday life."

Despite the strides activist have made, Coleman says more still needs to be done.