When Holly Colino, the woman accused of randomly killing of an Orleans County mother, was arraigned, several deputies escorted her into court and remained close to her side throughout.

Investigators say Colino used a pistol to randomly shoot and kill Megan Dix on Aug. 25 in Brockport as Dix sat in her pickup truck during a lunch break.

Colino's attorney, Mark Foti, did not want to enter a plea because Colino has not yet had a mental evaluation, but Judge Charles Schiano Jr. entered a plea of not guilty on her behalf.

Colino stands charged with second-degree murder and is also accused of possessing a loaded semi-automatic assault rifle. Police say this gun was not used in the shooting of Dix.

Colino is also charged with pulling a gun on a restaurant employee in Henrietta and also with escaping, briefly, from Monroe County sheriff's deputies.

Collino is still held without bail. She's due back in court later Sept. 26.

Megan Dix is survived by her husband and young son.