ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Four people charged in connection with the summer 2016 death of Craig Rideout, including his estranged wife and their two sons, returned to court Friday as an evidence hearing stretched into a 2nd day.

Laura, Alex and Colin Rideout, along with Laura's boyfriend, Paul Tucci, all face charges of murder and tampering with evidence. Laura Rideout also faces burglary charges.

This Huntley hearing focused on whether information was volunteered willfully and collected lawfully, and also on if a search and seizure of Tucci's car was done by the book.

Craig Rideout was reported missing in July 2016. His remains were found in a wooded area in the remote town of Jerusalem, Yates County. His body was discovered wrapped in a tarp bound with bungee cords, his face disfigured by a corrosive acid.

Taking the stand Friday was an evidence technician who fished a discarded bag from the Devil's Bathtub pond at Mendon Ponds Park, and two investigators who recorded interviews with the suspects.

"The issue that is before the judge is whether the statements were voluntary or not, and that's something that we're trying to point out – some holes that may have occurred during the process of their being questioned by the state police and the sheriffs department," said Michael Schiano, Tucci's attorney.

The hearing was adjourned early Friday afternoon, and will resume on Thursday, May 25.