ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Four people charged in connection with the killing of Craig Rideout, which include his estranged wife and their two sons, appeared Monday in court.

Laura, Alex and Colin Rideout, along with Laura's boyfriend, Paul Tucci, are charged with murder and tampering with evidence. Laura Rideout also faces burglary charges.

Craig Rideout, who was reported missing in July 2016, died from asphyxiation and blunt force trauma. The two boys and their mother allegedly cleaned up Craig's Penfield townhome of blood and removed clothing and other evidence.

Court paperwork states Colin Rideout arrived at his father's home to find his mother, brother and sister cleaning blood from the basement. Colin says his mother asked that he and Alex get rid of bags containing bloody clothing and empty cleaning bottles. It's alleged they disposed of the items in the pond at Devil's Bathtub inside Mendon Ponds Park.

Colin and Alex were found by police along with a car rented for Tucci by his insurance company. Craig Rideout's wallet and other personal information was found in the trunk of that car.

Craig's body was located in a wooded area of Yates County. Authorities say it was wrapped in a tarp bound with bungee cords. His face disfigured by a corrosive acid.

Surveillance video from the Hudson Avenue Walmart allegedly shows Laura Rideout and Tucci purchasing a tarp and drain cleaner. Three of the four defense attorneys say there are grounds to try each defendant separately.

State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moran will make his ruling after the defendants return for additional hearings in April, with trial scheduled for June.