ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Frustrations and hardships related to Hurricane Maria damages are extending beyond the Caribbean.

Sarita Rivera was born in Puerto Rico and has been trying to send down necessities to her family in Vega Baja through UPS. Rivera says that attempt has been a night mare.

“You’re charging people money and not giving them the correct information and that’s what’s wrong with this picture,” said Rivera.

Rivera tells us not only did UPS charge her $852 but her family has not received anything and she hasn’t received any word on the delivery date. She claims UPS included international fees also.

“These prices are unacceptable. They’re unjust. It’s U.S. citizens shipping to U.S. citizens. It should be domestic fees,” said Rivera.

Rivera says she has sent other supplies that still have not been delivered.

“My cousin has been waiting on this baby formula for weeks now. I think about her baby, her four-month-old baby and it makes my skin crawl because it should be there by now,” said Rivera.

Many packages were unable to be delivered because the San Juan airport was closed, according to UPS spokesperson Matthew O’Connor.

“We will continue to resume operations on the island as conditions safely permit. The situation is dynamic because of power outages, impassable roads and damaged communications infrastructure,” said O’Connor.

On October 5, UPS announced they have resumed air service to the island and ground service to 149 of the island’s 176 zip codes.  However, all Rivera wants now is for UPS to deliver an answer.

“I need to be able to tell them when these things are actually are going to get to them because otherwise I’m just giving them false hope,” said Rivera.

O’Connor says UPS is offering a 35 percent discount to individuals shipping aid supplies to their families and friends in the Caribbean. The customer relations department will review Rivera’s claim, but for the Puerto Rico native there’s more at stake than just a few hundred dollars.  

“There’s a saying going around Puerto Rico,” said Rivera. “Se levanta which means Puerto Rico will rise again and I do believe that whole heartedly in my heart.”

Wednesday night, Rivera says at least one of the generators she sent has arrived at her family's home in Puerto Rico.

Rivera says another generator and a shipment of baby food are somewhere in Puerto Rico, but still haven't been delivered.