WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. -- Police in Amherst have concluded that a Williamsville North student who claimed he unknowingly drank a Gatorade laced with Xanax instead took the drug himself.

Giovanni Sitarski earlier this week told Spectrum News that the concoction is better known as "Xanorade" among students, and that he believed someone slipped the anti-anxiety medication into his sports drink.

"I got a tiny Gatorade you can buy and I opened it took a sip and set it down and I went to do something and I came back and slammed it cause it was the morning and I was just messed up the rest of the day," Sitarski said at the time.

Sitarski, a junior, also said he didn't go to the school nurse or report anything to a teacher because in his drug-induced state, he feared no one would believe him. He was later pulled out of classes by his mother, who took her concerns to the administration.

According to an investigation by the Amherst Police Department, Sitarski admitted he made the story up and that "nobody gave anybody drugs that didn't want them."

A spokesperson for the Williamsville Central School District would not immediately provide a comment when asked about this turn of developments.