TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- Thousands of AT&T workers have left the job, striking for three days in the hopes of getting a fairer contract.

Communications Workers of America, who organized the picket, stated there are several issues with their contract, including health care, a commission plan, of shoring of jobs, and an attendance policy.

One retail worker says they've negotiated 10 sick days in the past, but if they call in eight times, they face termination.

"Is this something that I can call-in and get a point for or is this something I can try to manage and go to work and try to deal with it after work? It can definitely be taxing if you are trying to decide if this is important or not important when it is your life," explained Jennifer Jordan, a retail sales consultant.

AT&T released a statement saying it's baffled as to why union leadership is calling a strike, but are confident they'll reach a fair agreement.