BATAVIA, N.Y. -- A couple of Batavia natives are investing in a major business venture along Main Street, Batavia.

There's a $2.8 million reconstruction project happening now in the historic JJ Newberry Building.

The first floor will be the future Eli Fish Brewing Company and two restaurant test kitchens that are part of the City of Batavia's FreshLAB project for short-term leases. It's an effort to inspire more restaurateurs to come to Genesee County. 

The top floors of the building will include seven apartments. The vibe will be vintage-rustic, much like the old brewery it's named for. 

Jon Mager is one of the project's business partners. He grew up in Batavia and still lives here.

"We are trying to get in eclectic, funky and different types of food," he said. "We are trying to introduce a little bit of variety back in to the scene. Our kids are growing up here and we are just trying to be a part of it coming back really."

The brew pub and test kitchens are expected to open by the end of the year and will employ about 45 people.