WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Inside the Wilmington Ice House is where you'll find the Coastal Carolina Curling Club; stones, brooms and all.

"Curling is exactly as you see, this is the sport with the brooms, this is the sports where the stones slide on the ice," explains president Roger White.

The club started in 2011 with about a dozen people. Today, nearly 50 curlers take to the arena. Kay Lynch became a member five years ago after her kids were finishing hockey.

"They took the ice down and they were painting these circles on the rink," says Lynch. "And I asked them what it was and they said 'it was for curling' and I said, gosh that's great I think I'd like to try that. So I came to learn to curl and I've been hooked ever since."

Curling features teams of four throwing 40 pound stones down the ice towards an area twelve feet in diameter called the house. 

"You have a center point and it's called the button. So the team that's closest to the button scores the point," Lynch says.

Curling clubs have popped up across Carolina, in Charlotte and Durham. One of the biggest takeaways for curlers is the comradery and friendship developed through playing. The Coastal Carolina Curling Club will be holding more Learn to Curl events throughout August.