Our week started with the eclipse, and we end with the catastrophe of Harvey chewing into the southeast Texas coast. The American Red Cross will need your financial donations. A monetary donation, to the American Red Cross, will be one of the BEST ways to help aid the recovery process after Harvey is done with Texas; it will be days until Harvey is done.

Here in NC, a pleasant weekend should unfold from the mountains, across the Piedmont and into the Sandhills of this Old North State. Look for a mix of clouds and temps running severe degrees below the "norm." The mountains may see a few light showers Saturday.

The chance for rain, across NC, will ramp up early next week. Tropical moisture will find its way across N.C. Some of the late week tropical moisture may well be the remnants of Harvey.

Closer to home, off the southeast coast, we may see "Irma" form by Monday. Current modeling suggests it will stay out to sea. But, for the folks at Hatteras, keep a close eye on this potential system. Some of the more educated folks, in tropical meteorology, suggest we could have a hurricane around Hatteras Tuesday'ish; give or take a half day or so.

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