GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A woman from Utah has arrived in North Carolina to fulfill a dream.

While fighting a life-threatening battle with breast cancer, Melanie Day strives to take in every moment.

Saturday’s game between the UNC Tar Heels and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was postponed and moved to Greensboro due to a water emergency. The move worked out perfectly for Day.

She's attended Sunday’s game after Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke actually granted her a wish to be in North Carolina. More specifically, at the upcoming UNC/Duke game on Thursday.

However, being in town early meant more basketball for the young mother whose life could soon be cut short.

"I was cancer free for about a year, but it came back,” said Day. “It metastasized and went to my bones, and I was given about two to five years to live."

This former UCLA and Brigham Young basketball player, now battles off the court. The game hasn't changed though. For her it's not about winning but rather how she plays the game.

"I look like I don't have cancer, right... and so, most of my time, I try to stay busy and try to immerse myself in life to kind of forget internally what I'm going through," said Day.

So Sunday, Day's mind centered around basketball, "living for the moment" and enjoying her "hoop dreams.” She’s looking forward to her march down Tobacco Road to Durham later this week.

"While I hope to have a long life, I hope to have miracles happen,” said Day. “I'm also realistic that I might have a shortened life. So I just want to live every day to the fullest, and to no longer delay my dreams."

After posting on a blog that she would like to attend the UNC/Duke game, Coach K was contacted about her story by members of the BYU coaching staff.

They helped make her dream a reality.

Day is scheduled to be at the game on Thursday at Cameron Indoor Stadium.