CHAPEL HILL -- UNC Chapel Hill is laying out its latest Zika-fighting efforts.

Chancellor Carol Folt hosted a public forum Thursday on campus.

"We don't know a lot. There's still a lot to be known about Zika," she said.

The virus is often transmitted through mosquitoes and sexual contact. It's been linked to birth defects.

Folt said the university continues to seek federal funding to do more research, especially on the type of the mosquito that carries the disease.

"These diseases are carried sometimes by a very specific vector, very specific species. So you need to understand their movement."

State health officials say North Carolina currently has 18 reported cases of the Zika virus. UNC doctors explained how they're running lab tests and working with governmental agencies to gain all the possible knowledge. State health officials say they've developed a test that will return faster results for people wanting to know if they contracted the virus.

"We have developed a test and [are] proud of that. We can get back to you in six days now," said Dr. Randall Williams.

The university also hosted an outdoor exhibit where attendees learned more about how to fight against mosquitoes.

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