RALEIGH -- Comic book superheroes may be known for fighting crime, but a real life super kid in our state is caught in big battle against childhood hunger.

Meet 10-year-old William Winslow, a fun-loving fifth grader who likes rock climbing, swimming and playing with his younger brother. But lately his favorite thing to do is give back.  

"You have this really good feeling, that you're helping other people. It's like a sense of happiness, you can't describe it, like it just feels good," William Winslow said.  

When William was just in first grade he learned the harsh reality that many of his fellow classmates don't have enough food at home to eat. But instead of ignoring the problem, the 7 year old decided to find a solution, forming a food drive that continues to make a growing difference today.  

"It shows a sensitivity in his heart and an awareness that there should be more Williams in the world, you know older and younger, it's a great thing," said Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Childhood Hunger Program's manager Julie Cox.  

Now an annual event, the so called The Food Drive Kid has helped raise more than $20,000 and 20,000 pounds of food for the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and their Backpack Buddies Program.  

"He speaks to school groups, he goes to other elementary schools to talk to their community service clubs. He talks about childhood hunger and why we need to continue the fight against it," his mother, Blythe Clifford, said.  

And now he's expanding his work, raising and donating money to create an edible garden to benefit students and their families at Ligon Middle School for many years to come.   

"I'm making not just an annual difference, but a permanent difference," William said. 

"He's definitely inspiring his peers but also adults who learn about what he's accomplished. To realize it just takes one idea and community support and you can accomplish anything," said Katie Murray, Raleigh Urban Agriculture Manager for IFFs.  

He's a small kid making a big difference, giving back by helping end childhood hunger one classmate at a time.   

Visit The Food Drive Kid website to find out more information on how you can get involved and help.