Raleigh mayoral candidate, Charles Francis, said he has not yet decided whether his campaign will pursue a runoff election.

After losing to incumbent Mayor Nancy McFarlane Tuesday night by 6,182 votes, Francis's message is that between he and Republican rival, Paul Fitts, voting data shows a majority of Raleigh voters are unhappy with McFarlene's performance; McFarlane did not secure as many votes as the two other candidates combined.

“The vote yesterday expressed broad dissatisfaction with the direction Raleigh is headed in," expressed Francis on Wednesday. "One of the issues I’ve always had about her main message, and a couple of the other council members, is that everything is fine, we’re on all of these lists, we need to just keep doing what we’re doing. I think that that complacency has kept Raleigh from being a great city.”

Mayor Nancy McFarlane stated on Wednesday, "We really wanted to avoid a divisive runoff because division and pitting the community against each other is just not Raleigh."

If both candidates decide to participate in a runoff, the election will take place Nov. 7th.

Previously Reported:

It looks like a runoff will be required to determine the next mayor of North Carolina's capital city.

Unofficial results from Tuesday's voting showed Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane fell short of the majority required to win a fourth term in office.

McFarlane won 48.5 percent of the vote. Attorney Charles Francis finished with 36.7 percent and can request a runoff since McFarlane did not receive a majority of the votes.

A runoff would be held Nov. 7.

McFarlane campaigned on her experience. Francis says she has not provided the needed leadership in the state's second largest city.

About 15 percent of registered local voters cast ballots in the election.

Voters passed the Raleigh transportation bonds, with 72 percent voting in favor and 28 percent voting against them.

In the Durham mayoral primary, Steve Schewel and Farad Ali were the top two vote-getters. They will square off Nov. 7 in the race to replace retiring incumbent Mayor Bill Bell.

In Fayetteville, incumbent Mayor Nat Robertson ran second to Councilman Mitch Colvin, who took the top spot, 45 to 31 percent. They both advance to November as well. 

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