GREENSBORO -- If you are flying out of Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro in the near future, you may notice some changes.

The airport is introducing three new restaurants and a couple new Starbucks cafes as well as a new non-stop flight to Chicago.

Travelers can now dine at the ACC American Cafe, a sports bar/cafe restaurant featuring historic photos and real-time scoreboards from the college sports conference. Also new is The Local @ GSO, featuring local ingredients and cuisine, and PGA Tour Grill, a golf-themed restaurant featuring healthier foods for active lifestyles. 

In addition, a new non-stop flight to Chicago will begin service in early July.

"American will be providing service. United already provides service and whenever you have competing airlines serving the same market obviously, that's a lot better for our customers, it drives down fares, competition is great in any market in my opinion," said Kevin Baker, PTI Airport Authority executive director.

More projects are in the works for the future.

"We're going to be redoing all of the bathrooms. It's a big task, there's a total of 16 or 17 of them so, to redo those takes some time. So you have to do them in sections, you can't close all the bathrooms in one area. That's going to be a big project, and we're looking forward to doing that soon," said Baker.

PTI Airport's current passenger terminal began operating in 1982 and contains three runways. More than 5,000 people work at the airport campus.