GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Two Guilford County Schools employees were recognized Thursday by Greensboro police for their heroism.

Brad Rice and Calvin Summers Jr. received a Citizens' Certificate of Merit award during this year’s Police and Citizens Award Banquet.

"It's really a 12 month look back for us, for the past year we get to honor some heroes in uniform and some heroes in our community," Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott said.

Back in February, the duo helped a woman who crashed her car into General Greene Elementary School while suffering a heart attack.

“He [Summers] realized that she basically had no pulse,” Brad Rice said. "He was doing compressions when I was getting the AED ready."

Rice is a P.E. teacher and Summers is a custodian at the school as well as a volunteer firefighter with Guilford County. 

"When I saw what the situation was, that knowledge just took over and I just continued to do what I usually do and was trained to do," said Summers.

They said it’s an honor to stand with the men and women who wear the badge and serve the city every day.                    

"With all the men and women in uniform, do we belong here? This is, just who we are,” Rice said. “We are just a teacher and custodian that helps out the best way we can every single day at school, it was just our day to help.”

More than 30 officers received Lifesaving Medals, 28 officers received Superior Service Bars. Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott also presented the Purple Heart to Officer Justin Labarre, who was shot during a traffic stop in February.

“I'm coming up on 27 years for policing and can name on one hand the times we've given out purple hearts -- maybe two," Scott said. “We're just grateful to celebrate he's here to get his award."

Rice and Summers said they’re grateful to be a part of the occasion.

"The men and women in that room, that invited us to be here, they're the men and women, the heroes every day," Rice said. 

Officer Joey Lance was awarded Police Officer of the Year.