CHARLOTTE -- Local and federal law enforcement agencies in the Charlotte area made dozens of arrests on Thursday morning as part of a massive operation to crack down on the United Blood Nation gang.

Eighty-three people are now facing charges.

This is the largest single indictment in the history of the district.

The 162-page document details years of gang activity, including murders, robberies, drug trafficking and fraud. It names the 83 suspects.

Dozens of those suspects were rounded up on Thursday morning.

There are so many cases to process on Thursday that the courthouse is using three different judges in three different rooms to get through all of them.

The suspects are facing a range of charges from racketeering and conspiracy to possession with intent to distribute cocaine to having firearms illegally.

Police and security had an increased presence at the courthouse.



After that large gang bust, a local expert is giving insight into the world of gangs, and what these arrests mean for the Greater Charlotte region.