GREENSBORO -- A swarm of police gathered at West Market Street after a reported fight between coworkers on Thursday.

Law enforcement rushed to "Insect Shield" in Greensboro around 1 p.m. for a reported shooting.

An employee said two workers got into an argument, and when one pulled out a box cutter, the other went to his car and came back in with a gun.

Police say no one was actually shot at the business, but within minutes of an "active shooter" call, both GPD and the Guilford County Sheriff's Office were at the scene.

"Knowing the history of active shooter calls in our country in the last few years, we train extensively not only within the police department, but with our fellow agencies so that we have a single response," said Chief Wayne Scott, Greensboro police.

Police quickly identified the two people involved.

There is no word on charges.