GREENSBORO -- Guilford County Schools students who had issues with an app to track their service learning hours are getting a new tool this school year.

It's designed to replace the traditional paper tracking process.

While the presidential election isn't until November, Middle College at Bennett junior Demaris Banister already has a special invitation.

"I went to the mailbox the other day, and there was a letter from the White House!” she said. “They invited me to the presidential inauguration for a leadership summit."

Banister received the invite as part of her service learning project she did this summer at hospice.

But she and other students who used the system's old app, Noble Hour, had a hard time with it last school year.

"I actually have over 100 hours, but because it was more complicated, I didn't get a chance to log them into Noble Hour,” Banister said.

"On the last platform, there were so many additional bells and whistles that gave it technical issues along the way,” said Yvonne Eason, who serves as coordinator of character and service learning for Guilford County Schools. “The new tool is straightforward and user friendly."

That new platform is called x2VOL.

"The main focus is allowing students to track their hours,” Eason said. “Specifically looking at the service learning experiences that students are engaging in, as well as documenting reflective practices."

Students will be able to access the new tool starting October using either a school computer, home computer or using their cell phones.

"They do have an app for our students to engage in,” Eason said.

It helps students like Bannister capture and quantify the impact they're making on their communities that will help them into the future.

"I can be able to log my hours and make sure they're transferable, so when I get to college, I have that on record,” Banister said.

"Thinking about how are they applying the knowledge and skills they've gained in the classroom to really support our community, a better place for everyone in our society,” Eason said.

While the new app won't be available until October, students can get a sneak peek at how it will work here.