HIGH POINT -- People struggling with allergies and colds along with finances have a chance to get the meds they need in High Point on Friday, all free of charge. Area organizations, churches, High Point University and NC MedAssist are joining forces to help residents get their hands on free, over-the-counter medicine. 

"We're got everything ranging from allergy medicine to vitamins and anything you'd see at a pharmacy over the counter," said Jordan Smith, HPU pharmacy assistant professor. "Up to eight items per person from each category."

This is the third event of its kind in High Point.

Back in October, more than 1,100 people took home an average of $80 worth of over-the-counter meds.

This time around, organizers estimate nearly 1,500 people will receive medicine. And since the High Point community struggles with hunger, they say these kinds of events really help people out.

"People are choosing between purchasing food or buying medicine," said Kristin Young, NC MedAssist. "We're here to take the pressure off the mother who has a daughter with a fever. Instead of going to the ER, she'll have that medicine in her cabinet now."

"Things that seem so small can make a world of difference if you have a child at home coughing or with a fever. Do I feed or give medicine? We're hoping to bridge that gap a little bit," said Smith.

The event started at 9 a.m., but people started showing up as early as 6 a.m. Visitors gave their orders and volunteers packed bags full of what people said they needed.

Those receiving the medicine say they're grateful.

"This is a big help for me. I'm on disability and struggling to make ends meet, and this is a big help," said Jimmy Turner, OTC giveaway recipient.

"For them to be able to help the community like this, there's so many people in need. It's awesome, and I'm so grateful God gave me the opportunity to be here today," said Louella Littlejohn, OTC giveaway recipient.

Organizers also connected people with community clinics, and NC MedAssist is also helping people enroll in their free pharmaceutical program, as well.