NORTH CAROLINA -- The recent wet weather has brought along headaches for some homeowners, but experts advise there are strategies to avoid and repair property damage.

Ras Fenger, president at Disaster One, advised it is important to act swiftly, especially in the case of emergencies involving water.

"Do something about it right away. Don't let water damage sit for an extended period of time. It only gets worse,” he said.

Fenger said homeowners should get in contact with professionals immediately if there is damage, and ask that their property be checked for moisture that may not be visible.

"If they're not sure how much water has gotten in there, we would recommend someone coming out there to verify the structure is dry,” he said.

Christopher Cook, owner at Alliance Insurance Services, offered tips homeowners can take even before a disaster strikes.

"Take time to review your insurance policy with your agent and make sure you understand what kinds of things are covered and importantly, what is your deductible,” he recommended.

Cook said most home insurance policies do not include flood coverage. Homeowners who want flood protection will likely have to buy an additional policy. He also advises taking pictures when there is damage so that insurers can better process a claim.

Lastly, both Fenger and Cook said regular maintenance is a good way to avoid damages and the possibility that an insurer will deny paying repair bills.

“Homeowners’ insurance pays for things that were damaged by something that was sudden and accidental. If your roof has been leaking for six months, that is no longer sudden,” Cook said.