WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Hundreds of students at Winston-Salem's Sciworks got to experience the human brain up close and personal.

"I got to play with a human brain - that was so cool! I actually got to take what I've learned in college and bring it back here and learn about it,” saidTiffany Earley, a student.

Taught by students in Wake Forest's Neuroscience Department, kids are learning the important connection between the eye and the brain.

"Right now there's the big controversy over what color is the dress. We give you more perspective on why that exists. How does the brain interpret different images and colors,” said Chris Hauser a Wake Forest University graduate student.

"I learned about the human eye, where there's millions of parts to it,” said Zander Festa, a student.

"It's fascinating to me. The brain is one of these things that I feel like no matter what I do in the next 100 years - if I live that long - I will never be able to answer all the questions that exist based on the brain,” said Hauser.