A world-class collaborative space that's connecting students with entrepreneurs and companies recently opened in Davidson. Tuesday, Governor Roy Cooper toured Davidson College's "Hurt Hub."It just opened in July.

“The Hurt Hub” is where graduate Andrew Ashur, Adrian Mayans, and David Danielson worked on their drone pressure washer. Called "lucid,” the massive contraption aims to make window washing safer by having a drone do the high flying work. Their idea took off so much so they started a business and are now making revenue.

"We want to get to the point where the majority of the flight pattern is automated, so it's almost gonna be, we're gonna show up on site, map the building and set up the parameters, be able to press a button," Ashur explained.

Ashur and his teammates were winners in this past spring's Davidson venture fund. It's an annual competition where students and recent alumni compete for up to $25,000 of investment in their innovative, for profit ventures.