CHARLOTTE -- A gun raffle is getting mixed reviews from Mecklenburg County voters.

“Good causes, fundraisers, good people getting guns is not a bad idea,” said Larry Hyatt, gun store owner.

“I think that it’s the wrong tone to set. I think it’s extraordinarily insensitive,” said Colette Forrest, community member.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Irwin Carmichael is hosting the gun raffle as a fundraiser for his re-election campaign.

“I support the second amendment and a lot folks who support me support the second amendment. These supporters they donate the guns to the raffle,” said Sheriff Irwin Carmichael.           

The Sheriff said he hosted a similar event in 2014 and added these events can bring in up to $15,000.          

“We're just kind of using the same format as last time. I don't want folks to think I’m insensitive to everything that's happened recently ,” said Sheriff Carmichael.

Charlotte residents like Forrest said this kind of fundraiser is inappropriate in the wake of mass shootings like in Las Vegas and Orlando.

“I could not believe that a local elected official would be so insensitive to use guns as a fundraising tool and not just regular guns but glocks, and AK and AR7’s,” said Forrest.              

But, gun store owners said when you win a gun in a raffle, you can't take it home right away.

“You go through the background check, have your permits in order, have your ID, your current address, all the things you'd have to do to buy a gun, just because you win one doesn't mean you skirt the process,” said Larry Hyatt of Hyatt Gun Store.