It's been four years since a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell and his family feels the best way to remember him is by helping Charlotte's homeless. 

"I tell you, he would be so happy just giving to someone, that just was him," his mother, Georgia Ferrell says.

October 11th is a special day for her. It was her son, Jonathan's, birthday. He had, she says, what seemed like an addiction, an addiction to giving back. She says he didn’t like seeing people on the street needing anything.

A former Florida A & M football player, Jonathan's acts of kindness inspired his brother, Willie Ferrell, who was a linebacker at the same school. 

"After the games we would get different things from our team and give it to homeless or someone in need," Willie says. 

That's exactly how Willie and his mom wanted to celebrate what would have been Jonathan's 29th birthday, by giving back. The two put a post on Facebook and food came pouring in by the people in the area. 

Wednesday evening, with the help of volunteers, they set up a make-shift buffet line with macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, baked chicken and more in uptown Charlotte.

They handed out hearty meals with dessert to any of the city's homeless who stopped by. 

"It's a holiday in our family so that we will be able to do something giving and something that will be a blessing to someone else," the family says.

All the while, hanging in the back of their minds, the knowledge that Charlotte has seen more deadly officer involved shootings. They say they believe the officers don’t get enough proper training.

Georgia says each time she hears about one, it brings back painful memories. It's why she says giving back like this is essential to their ongoing grieving process. 

She says although her son is always on her mind she knows he’s at peace and resting.