WORCESTER, Mass. - President Joe Biden signed an executive order Monday in an effort to regulate artificial intelligence, and a professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is praising the move.

Rodica Neamtu is a professor in the computer science department and said while AI has been popularized in the last year, it's been around for years. Describing it as mostly unregulated, Neamtu said there needs to be a balance between the rapidly growing technology and how it's used. 

Neamtu said there are concerns including bias and discrimination in algorithms when it comes to several issues, such as employment and housing decisions. 

"It does come in little things, whenever you apply for something, whenever you try to do something, our lives are intrinsically now connected to decisions made at least with the help of algorithms, if not entirely made by algorithms,” she said. “So, we need to start caring. We need to start getting informed and we need to start getting engaged."

Neamtu said people can't passively wait for artificial intelligence to evolve, saying too much is at stake for how it will impact daily life.