SHREWSBURY, Mass. – It might be the middle of summer, but there’s snow at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury thanks to their new snow making machine.

The new machine essentially allows the ski area to make fake snow in any kind of weather. The team tested it out this past week and there are still snow mounds on the ground.

General manager Stephanie Lacroix said while their goal isn't to make snow in the summer, it's nice to know they're guaranteed to have it this winter.

"It was amazing to see snow in August,” Lacroix said. “Obviously we all love snow, we all work here, but it's huge as a company because it's a big investment for a small business, so we're excited.

“It gives us a guaranteed opening date. We know despite weather, we will be able to open the first week of November regardless of whether or not we have conventional snow making temperatures and we’re also hoping for less weather closures during the season. Last year, we had a bunch of very rainy very warm days where we had to close because we didn't have enough snow to operate, but now we have a guaranteed method of snow."

Lacroix said last year, they sold out of their pre-season lesson bookings, and she's hopeful they can offer more this season since they'll be able to open earlier.