PITTSFIELD, Mass. - The Robbins family has been baking bread at the Pittsfield Rye and Specialty Breads Company for nearly 95 years.

What You Need To Know

  • Pittsfield Rye Bakery was founded in 1929 by Charlie and his wife Tillie Robbins. Arnie and his wife Linda Robbins continued ownership. Now Rick and his wife Reneé are the current owners who extended the name to Pittsfield Rye and Specialty Breads Co.

  • The wholesale bakery has an on-site retail store open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

One of their keys to success is getting an early start on the week.

“So, Mondays I come in at 3 in the morning until like 12:00," Ryan Robbins said. "Because we're getting all this stuff prepared early for Angelina’s and Hot Dog Ranch.”

Ryan Robbins runs the roll line at the bakery. He took over the position about a year ago, but his family’s business has been around since 1929.

His parents Rick and Reneé are the current owners. They supply rolls and breads to many local stores and restaurants.

“It's still a growing process," Rick Robbins said. "It's still a learning curve. Reneé and I are a third generation, my son Ryan is a fourth generation, but we're all still learning every day.”

Pittsfield Rye earmarks many of their products like pumpernickel and rye for markets, but their retail store is available to all and offers everything from their signature “Farmer’s loaf" to their “Death by Chocolate”.

“It's made with a 70% dark cocoa, a little bit of honey, semi-sweet chocolate, it's really delicious," Rick Robbins said. "And we try to make every recipe as unique and special as possible as we can.”

The bakery is powered by 2,500 solar panels and uses a flour silo which holds 75,000 pounds. Rick said while their business is largely wholesale, every customer counts for the family-owned operation.

“We have 18 employees, and the more business that people support us, the more hours our employees work, the more money that our employees can spend in the area," he said. "And we always we were taught to support those that support you. Pittsfield is a unique and beautiful community. And, you know, we feel local is very important.”

And the next generation of Pittsfield Rye and Specialty Breads Co. plans on continuing the mantra of supporting those who support you, a Robbins family tradition since 1929.

“I would definitely love to be in more places and have more local support," Ryan Robbins said. "But I definitely see in our future things picking up and us supporting, everybody supporting each other, for sure.”