A local oil service company is doing what it can to help customers during what's expected to be a more expensive winter when it comes to keeping homes warm.

Peterson Oil Service is a family-owned business that serves most of Central Massachusetts.

The company's vice president said the recent announcement about the release of 15 million barrels from the nation's strategic oil reserve isn't going to make a significant impact for everyday consumers.

Kristen Peterson said it relies on its two million gallon storage capability and the blending of biodiesel with their heating oil to keep their prices lower for customers.

"We try to utilize that storage," she said. "When prices are low, we can stock up as best we can, and when prices are a little bit higher or there's what seems to be a short-term price hike, we can utilize that inventory to keep prices a little bit more stable for our customers.

"Biodiesel isn't as affected by the global market, and so when you're able to, such as us, combine biodiesel with heating oil for a lot of our fuel products, we're able to also combat some of the price spikes and keep it a little bit more stable for our customers."

Peterson said they offer a number of different payment plans and work with the Worcester Community Action Council's Fuel Assistance Program.