The Worcester Police Department is receiving hundreds of new tasers and body cameras to equip its officers with the newest technology.

Three hundred tasers were delivered to the department this week, and 300 body cameras will arrive in September.

Members of the department will receive training on the new non-lethal weapons, which will be distributed based on unit, Worcester Police Department Lt. Sean Murtha said.

“I think any time a piece of technology can bring a swift conclusion, or even prevent an escalation in the first place, is valuable,” he said.

The new tasers and body cameras are part of a $4 million contract made with Arizona-based law enforcement technology and weapons supplier Axon Enterprise. Currently, the department has 130 older model tasers in circulation among approximately 450 officers and officials on staff.

Murtha said the new tasers have multi-faceted benefits for both police officers and the communities they serve. The tasers give police officers a non-lethal way to de-escalate dangerous situations while still protecting law enforcement officers and the public.

The contract with Axon was first presented to the Worcester City Council on April 26 and later approved in May. The equipment cost will be paid out over five years.

The Axon Taser 7 model, which the company boasts as the newest in technology, has updated features such as a 93% increase in probe spread at close range, double the kinetic energy for better accuracy, and a rechargeable battery that lasts the life of the non-lethal weapon.