WORCESTER, Mass. - A ribbon cutting officially marks the opening of BioLife's Plasma Services Center in Worcester. 

City and state leaders attended the event on Tuesday. 

BioLife Plasma Services has more than 160 locations across the country. Worcester is its first location in Massachusetts. The Worcester center is located at 68 Stafford Street.

The therapies made at BioLife treat patients who suffer from primary immune deficiency disease and other diseases.  

"The plasma we collect allows us to make a large number of therapies that treat all of these rare complex diseases,”Hema Tallman, senior vice president and global head of BioLife, said at the ceremony on Tuesday. “You can't make those medicines artificially. You need humans to be able to donate with their generosity for us to use that plasma to make those therapies."

BioLife plans on bringing 50 jobs to the city and more in the future.