WORCESTER, Mass. - A different kind of farmers market was set up in Worcester on Saturday afternoon.

Cannabis was the featured product at the farmers market hosted by marijuana dispensary, Resinate. Three other companies collaborated with Resinate to showcase their recreational and medical cannabis goods, along with apparel, accessories and wellness products.

There was also a CBD manufacturer selling products.

Cannabis sales were made inside Resinate's Millbury Street building, and there was an artisan fair on the outside. Resinate will donate part of the proceeds from the market to Friendly House in Worcester.

Resinate's CEO Peter DeCaro says it was a chance to educate the public.

"The idea for us is that we wanted to bring the spirit of cannabis, the spirit of a farmers market here on site with cannabis companies, flower cultivators, manufacturers, to really have a better opportunity to educate the public, talk about the different products we produce, and do so in a very comfortable, laid-back setting," DeCaro said. "And we did that, and invited those that are supportive of the cannabis industry, as you can see her we have several partners that are coming. We've invited them to come out and promote their own products and goods."

The event was Resinate's first farmers market, and was for anyone 21 and older. DeCaro says they plan to host similar events on a monthly basis.